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HDT - Mistletoe Market is Coming!!! We need vendors to display and sell their wonderful creations at Mistletoe Market. If interested you can stop by the Huron Daily Tribune to pick up a vendor form at 211 N. Heisterman St in Bad Axe, Call us at the office at 989-269-6461 or email Renee at rgolder@hearstnp.com. Mistletoe Market is November 10 and spaces fill fast. Electric spaces are on a first come first served basis so call and reserve your space today!
HDT - Employment Ad Special! Are you looking for the right employee? Come & advertise your open employment positions with us with this great special. For $59.00 you can place a 50 word ad in the Huron Daily Tribune for 6 days, then place that same ad in our Weekly Circular MI Thumb for one week and place it on Monster.com all for the same low price of $59.00 and save at least $15.00 off the normal rate. Need more words no problem we also have Deals that allow up to 100 words for $93.00 and 150 words for $127.00 Still need more words just give us a call or stop in and we will see what kind of deal we can make for you! Call Today! 989-269-6461 or email us at hdt_wantads@hearstnp.com
MDN - Veterans Recognition Center and Museum NOW OPEN Tuesday's 10am-4pm and by appointment 1020 S. Saginaw Rd, Midland 989-430-6321
bids sought
HDT - SECTION 00 1000 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID Notice is hereby given that the Owner is receiving bid(s) from trade contractor(s) for the following project: Bad Axe Gymnasium Lighting Replacement Complete proposals will be received for the following work categories in accordance with drawings and specifications as prepared by the Architect, Engineers and/or Construction Manager. BID CATEGORY 1: ELECTRICAL Bids will be received at the Office of the Superintendent until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Proposals should be submitted in TRIPLICATE and be addressed to Greg Newland - Superintendent Bad Axe Public Schools 200 North Barrie Road Bad Axe, MI 48413 R.C. Hendrick & Son, Inc. is the Construction Manager on this Project. Please do not phone, fax, or email bids to the Construction Manager. The Owner reserves the right to reject any, part of any or all bids and to waive all informalities in the bidding procedures. The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid when Bidder fails to submit data required by the Bidding Documents, or if the bid is submitted incomplete or irregular. No telephonic, telegraphic, email, fax bids or modification to a submitted bid will be received or considered by the Owner. Each bid that exceeds Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) must be submitted with an attached certified check or bid bond from a surety company approved to do business in the State of Michigan, payable to the Owner in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the base bid. Bids may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid date. FAMILIAL DISCLOSURE Bidders must provide familial disclosure in compliance with MCL 380.1267 and attach this information to the bid. The bid shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship that exists between the Owner or the employee of the bidder and any member of the board, intermediate school board, or board of directors or the superintendent of the school district, intermediate superintendent of the intermediate school district, or chief executive office of the publicschool academy. The District shall not accept a bid that does not include this sworn and notarized disclosure statement. PRE-BID CONFERENCE There is no pre-bid conference scheduled however a site visit to familiarize yourself with existing conditions is highly encouraged. SCHEDULE Project must be complete by the start of the school year. QUESTIONS / RFl's All questions regarding the plans and specifications are to be emailed to R.C. Hendrick & Son, Inc. at chip@rchendrick.com. DRAWINGS, SPECIFICATIONS AND ADDENDUMS Plans, Specifications and Addendums will be available for download from the R.C. Hendrick Plan Room located at www.rchendrick.com. Click on "Plan Room" and then follow the link to access the project files. If a password is required to access the files, please email the Project Manager associated with the project. Addendums will be posted to R.C. Hendrick's Online Plan Room. Addendums will be posted no later than 12:00 Noon on the day before the bid is due. R.C. Hendrick will send out a notice that an addendum is available to all known planholders. It is the responsibility of every bidder to check the project site for addendums and note them on the bid form. END OF SECTION 00 1000 2
MDN - Notice of Advertisement Bids will be received by Midland County Road Commission, for the reconstruction of Orr Road Bridge over the Weeks Drain and Grey Road Bridge over the Bullock Creek until 10:00 am on July 25, 2018. Plans, bid forms and specifications may be obtained by qualified Bidders at the office of Midland County Road Commission, 2334 North Meridian Road, Sanford, MI 48657 at no charge or on the website www.midlandroads.com. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids and any part of same, to waive irregularities in the bid procedure and to award, in the opinion of the Board, in the best interest of the Midland County Road Commission.
business opportunities
MDN - is looking for Motor Route Delivery Drivers for the Midland area. Please contact: Elizabeth Rupert for more information: erupert@mdn.net (989) 839-4255 Valid driver's license, dependable vehicle & proof of insurance required
MDN - OurMidland Weekly (formerly Midland County Review) is looking for Delivery Persons for the Midland area. Please contact: Elizabeth Rupert for more information: erupert@mdn.net (989) 839-4255 Valid driver's license, dependable vehicle & proof of insurance required
MDN - Looking for Walking Route Delivery People for Midland area. Dependable & good work ethic required. Please contact: Dan Shane for more information. (989) 839-4258 dshane@mdn.net EOE
MDN - is looking for Motor Route Delivery Drivers for the Sanford/Gladwin area Please contact: Elizabeth Rupert for more information: erupert@mdn.net (989) 839-4255 Valid driver's license, dependable vehicle & proof of insurance required
MDN - PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS- Free Estimates-Licensed and insured-2x6 Trusses-45 Year Warranty Galvalume Steel-19 Colors-Since 1976-#1 in Michigan-Call Today 1-800-292-0679. (MICH)
HDT - TO ALL PURCHASERS: The foregoing Mortgagee can rescind the sale. In that event, your damages, if any, are limited solely to the return of the bid amount tendered at sale, plus interest NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGE SALE-A mortgage was granted by JERAD MAUST, a single man, Mortgagor(s) to TEAM ONE CREDIT UNION, 520 HAYDEN STREET, SAGINAW, MI 48607, Mortgagee dated DECEMBER 14, 2012, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Huron County, and State of Michigan on DECEMBER 27, 2012, in LIBER 1428 on PAGE 677 of Huron County Records on which mortgage there is claimed to be due, at the date of this notice, for principal and interest, the sum of THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO AND 14/100THS ($35,982.14) DOLLARS at 5.625% percent per annum and attorney fees as provided for in said Mortgage, and no suit or proceedings at law or in equity have been instituted to recover the moneys secured by said Mortgage, or any part thereof; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and pursuant to the statute of the State of Michigan in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given that on AUGUST 14, 2018, AT 10:00 A.M. local time, said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale at public auction, to the highest bidder in the Huron County Circuit Courthouse, City of Bad Axe, Huron County, Michigan (that being the building where the Circuit Court for the County of Huron is held), of the premises described in said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the amount due, aforesaid, on said mortgage with interest thereon and all legal costs, charges and expenses, including the attorney fees allowed by law, and also any sum or sums which may be paid by the undersigned, necessary to protect its interest in the premises. Which said premises are described as follows: CITY OF CASEVILLE, COUNTY OF HURON AND STATE OF MICHIGAN, to wit: LOT 8, BLOCK 9, PLAT OF CASEVILLE, AS RECORDED IN LIBER 1 OF PLATS, PAGE 1, EXCEPT EASEMENTS AND RIGHTS OF WAY OF RECORDS. During the SIX (6) MONTHS immediately following the sale, the property may be redeemed, except that in the event that the property is determined to be abandoned pursuant to MCLA 600.3241 a, the property may be redeemed during the thirty (30) days immediately following the sale. If the property is sold at foreclosure sale, pursuant to MCL 600.3278, the borrower will be held responsible to the person who buys the property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage holder for damage to the property during the redemption period. JOHN W. BUTLER (P 33908) ATTORNEY FOR MORTGAGEE 24525 Harper Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 (586) 777-0770 Dated: 7-13-18 (07-13)(08-10)
MDN - NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to MCL 600.3212, that the following will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises, or some part of them, at public auction at the place of holding the circuit court within Midland County, at 10:00 AM, on July 31, 2018: Name(s) of the mortgagor(s): Sean Profit, Unmarried Man Original Mortgagee: Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Academy Mortgage Corporation, its successors and assigns Foreclosing Assignee (if any): Ditech Financial LLC Date of Mortgage: February 20, 2017 Date of Mortgage Recording: February 22, 2017 Amount claimed due on date of notice: $80,423.82 Description of the mortgaged premises: Situated in Township of Lincoln, Midland County, Michigan, and described as: Part of the Northwest 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4 of Section 24, T15N, R1E, described as: beginning at a point on the West line of said Section which is 165 feet South of the Northwest corner of the Northwest 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4 of said Section; thence South 82.5 feet; thence East 396 feet; thence North 247.5 feet; thence West 132 feet; thence South 165 feet; thence West 264 feet to the point of beginning. The redemption period shall be 6 months from the date of such sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with MCLA 600.3241a; or, if the subject real property is used for agricultural purposes as defined by MCL 600.3240(16). If the property is sold at foreclosure sale under Chapter 32 of the Revised Judicature Act of 1961, pursuant to MCL 600.3278 the borrower will be held responsible to the person who buys the property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage holder for damaging the property during the redemption period. This notice is from a debt collector. Date of notice: June 29, 2018 Trott Law, P.C.
MDN - MORTGAGE SALE THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Notice is hereby given that Default has occurred in a Mortgage given by Elizabeth Seward, an unmarried woman, mortgagor, to Independent Mortgage Co. Central MI, which became Independent Mortgage Co., a dissolved Michigan corporation, as assigned to Independent Bank, a Michigan banking corporation, mortgagee. The Mortgage is dated January 9, 2003, and was recorded on January 17, 2003, in Liber 1110, on page 1309 of the Midland County records and subject to Modification Agreements recorded at Liber 1494 Page 144 and Liber 1564 Page 96, and further subject to an Assignment of Mortgage recorded at L1556 Page 1040. The balance owing on the Mortgage as of the date of this Notice is $83,456.09, including interest at 5.50% per year variable. The Mortgage contains a power of sale clause and no proceedings have been instituted to recover any part of the debt owing. The Mortgage will be foreclosed by selling the property described below at a public auction to the highest bidder. The sale will be held on August 14, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. local time at the Circuit Court level of the Midland County Court Facility, 301 W. Main St., Midland, Michigan, that being the place of holding Circuit Court for Midland County, Michigan. The property will be sold to pay the amount then due on the Mortgage, including interest, legal costs, attorney fees and any taxes or insurance which may be paid by the mortgagee before the sale. The property to be sold is located in the Township of Warren, County of Midland, Michigan and is described as: Part of the SE 1/4 of Section 27, T16N, R2W, Warren Twp., Midland Co., Michigan, described as: Commencing at the E 1/4 corner of Section 27, T16N, R2W, thence S 00º29'35" W along the E line of said Section 27, 650.00 ft; thence N 89º20'18" W, 885.69 ft to the true point of beginning; thence continue N 89º20'18" W, 437.93 ft; thence N 00º26'36" E 199.00 ft; thence S 89º20'18" E 437.93 ft; thence S 00º26'36" W 199.00 ft to the point of beginning. Together with a 66 ft easement for rights of ingress and egress and public utilities, being 33 ft along each side of the following described line, which begins at a point S 00º26'36" W, 511.68 ft from the E 1/4 corner of said Section 27, along the E line of said Section 27; thence N 89º20'18" W, 335.34 ft; thence S 70º04'01" W 299.41 ft; thence N 89º20'18" W 269.83 ft, thence N 89º20'18" W 132.00 ft to the terminus of said easement. The structure residing on the above described premises, consisting of a 2002 New Moon Redman is considered real estate and is also collateral for this loan. commonly known as 4693 N. Alamando Road, Coleman, MI tax i.d. 160-027-400-225-00 If the property described in this notice is sold at a foreclosure sale, then under MCL 600.3278, the Mortgagor(s) will be held responsible to the buyer of the property at the foreclosure sale, or to the Mortgage holder, for damage done to the property during the redemption period. The redemption period will expire six (6) months after the date of the foreclosure sale, unless the property is determined abandoned under MCL 600.3241a, in which case the redemption period will expire 30 days after the date of the foreclosure sale, or when the time to provide notice under MCL 600.3241a(c) expires, whichever is later. SMITH, MARTIN, POWERS & KNIER, P.C. Dated: July 6, 2018 By: Henry L. Knier, Jr. (P46393) Attorney for Independent Bank, Mortgagee 900 Washington Ave., P.O. Box 219 Bay City, MI 48707 (989) 892-4574
MDN - Please be advised that the Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! Career Education Advisory Committee will be held on Monday July 23, 2018 at 3:30p.m., at the Midland Michigan Works! Service Center, McQuaid Room 1409 Washington, Midland, Michigan 48640. This meeting is open to all members of the public under Michigan Open Meeting Act. Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities at the meeting/ hearing upon five (5) working days' notice of Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!.
MDN - L-8753 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING SK SARAN AMERICAS, LLC INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE TRANSFER Authorized by the City Council on Monday, July 16, 2018. RESOLVED, that an application dated March 27, 2018 was received June 27, 2018 from SK Saran Americas, LLC, with supporting data pursuant to Public Act 198 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan of 1974, as amended, for the transfer of Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate No. 2004-568, 2008-188 and 2011-071 from The Dow Chemical Company, within the The Dow Chemical Plant Rehabilitation District No. 1 relating to the transfer of existing certificates as a result of The Dow Chemical Company conveying its real and personal property to SK Saran Americas, LLC, on December 17, 2017 is hereby acknowledged received and ordered placed on file in the City Clerk's office; and RESOLVED FURTHER, that a hearing shall be held before the City Council on Monday, July 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan, for the purpose of affording the applicant, the City Assessor and representatives of the affected taxing units an opportunity for a hearing on the application and the City Clerk shall provide written notice thereof in accordance with Section 5 of Public Act 198. Selina Tisdale City Clerk Midland, Michigan
MDN - L-8754 OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS MIDLAND CITY COUNCIL A regular meeting of the City Council was held on Monday, July 16, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Donker presided with all Councilmen present. Held public hearing and approved the 2018-19 Community Development Block Grant budget. Approved the circulation of the draft City of Midland Master Plan/Future Land Use Map update to being the statutorily-required 42-day public comment period. Approved Site Plan No. 373 – for a 7,500 square foot building and associated access road at 3401 Contractor Drive. Approved Site Plan No. 374 – for a 13,662 square foot wholesale showroom and shop located at 1123 and 1201 E. Wackerly Street. Approved request to conduct the Circle Wine Garden in the Center City Business District. Waived bid requirement and approved issuance of purchase order to the Midland Hockey Association for referee services for the 2018-19 fiscal year in an amount not to exceed $65,000. Waived bid requirement and approved purchase of 13,399 gallons of unleaded fuel from Super Flite Oil of Saginaw, Michigan for $27,191.93 that was executed by the Senior Procurement Accountant on June 20, 2018. Authorized issuance of purchase order to MKSK of Detroit, Michigan for the Center City Redevelopment Design Plan Professional Consulting Services in the amount of $108,294. (Yeas: Adams, Brown Wilhelm, Donker, Wazbinski Nays: Arnosky) Authorized issuance of purchase order to CTI and Associates, Inc. in the amount of $150,000 for the continuance of general engineering services at the City of Midland Landfill for Fiscal Year 2018-19. Set public hearing for Monday, July 30, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. on the request from SK Saran Americas, LLC to transfer three existing Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificates from The Dow Chemical Company. DETAILS ON ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE AT CITY CLERK'S OFFICE. Summary contains only City Council action. Discussion items by citizens are not included. Details on Council meetings may be obtained from the City Clerk's Office or a video of the entire meeting may be purchased from MCTV at 837-3477. APPROVED: Selina Tisdale City Clerk Midland, Michigan C. Bradley Kaye City Manager
MDN - STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF MIDLAND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent's Estate FILE NO 18-9757-DE Estate of Lila M. Davis, deceased Date of birth: 11/09/1927 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Lila M. Davis, died 03/28/2018. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Linda Chapman, personal representative, or to both the probate court at 301 W. Main Street, Midland, Michigan 48640 and the personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. 07/19/2018 Todd M. Gambrell P57171 240 W. Main Street, Suite 1000 Midland, MI 48640 (989) 631-7626 Linda Chapman 3221 N. Douglas Drive Midland, MI 48640 (989) 859-8656
HDT - 2012 Chevy Impala, new tires, brakes, 104,000 mi, 30+mpg, $6700. Bad Axe area, 305-397-3348
MDN - FIRST CHOICE AUTO SALES Quality Vehicles $2995 & up 3205 Bay City Rd., Midland (By 7-11) 989-631-4008
HDT - Silverado, 2007, 4x4 , 4.8 liter. w/ Light rack, Western plow, $9,000 Call 989-856-3030, and leave your number.
HDT - 1983 Freightliner Semi-Tractor, 350 Cummins, new pump on wet kit, air ride, fuller Rode Ranger 13 speed transmission. 90% on tires. Call (989) 860-8525
vehicles wanted
MDN - WANTED: Junk Cars Paying top dollar! Buying repairable cars also Free towing! 989-689-4732
HDT - Forward Corp is hiring... Sebewaing Marathon C-Store and Sebewaing Subway!! Now hiring Sales Associates and crew leaders. Responsible for providing our customers with efficient, friendly service. Prior cashier experience preferred. Must be dependable, self-motivated, and able to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining total customer focus. Available to work nights, weekends, holidays and varying shifts. Apply online at www.work4forward.com.
HDT - Valley Enterprises, a fast-paced and innovative plastics division of the Gemini Group, is looking for the right candidate to fill the position of operator. This is an entry level production position that reports to the Shift Manager and provides Valley with basic operational support in a plant setting. Training is provided for all tasks. Job Requirements: Competency in reading and basic math skills The ability to perform repetitive tasks. Compensation: Competitive hourly rate Health, Dental, and Vision Insurances 401k Plan Vacation and Holiday Pay Referral Bonuses Interested candidates should apply in person at 2147 Leppek Rd., Ubly, MI 48475. Valley Enterprises is located 1 mile north of Atwater Rd. on M-19, ¼ mile east on Leppek Rd.
HDT - General laborer needed. Duties will include power washing. Must be reliable. Apply in person to B W Crisman & Company Inc 621 E Huron Avenue Bad Axe, MI 48413.
HDT - Growing company now hiring. Benefits include 401K, paid vacation, & holidays. $10.00 per hour starting wage. Apply at L.J. Gascho Furniture 8308 Haist Rd Pigeon, MI 48755
HDT - New Exciting Contracted Job Opportunity- Posted July 13, 2018 Request for Applications- Due by 5:00 PM on July 23, 2018 Term of Contract: August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2020 A contractor is being sought to coordinate the Huron County College Access Network. Services shall be provided via a contract with outlined deliverables. Applications should be submitted in a letter format and include experience and qualifications related to promoting attainment of technical and college post-secondary credentials, community collaboration, fund development, and project coordination. Resumes should be attached to application letters. Full posting located at http://www.huroncounty communityfoundation.org /hccf-news/hccan-coordinator-posting Submit questions and applications to Kay Balcer, Interim Coordinator, at balcerconsulting@gmail.com.
HDT - North Huron Early Learning Center Job Title: Assistant Director/Lead Infant Caregiver Qualifications: At least 19 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, and have one of the following qualifications: Associate degree or higher in early child education or child development Valid child development associate (CDA) credential and 480 hours of experience, 12 semester hours and/or 18 CEUs to equal 180 clock hours with 1,920 hours of experience. Must have 4.5 CEUs or 3 semester hours in infant/toddler development or be willing to obtain within 6 months of hire. Must submit to a comprehensive background check. Hours of Work: To be determined between 6:00AM and 6:00PM Responsibilities: Act as director when the director is off site Assist director daily as needed Assist with infant child care Create weekly child/staff schedules Fulfil duties as described in job description including care/education in all Early Learning Center rooms Project a positive, professional demeanor at all times Know and follow emergency procedures and state child care licensing regulations Other Duties: Earn/Track 24 hours of training required yearly Attend staff meetings and trainings. Become aware of NHELC policies so that you can intelligently answer questions from parents or new clients. If unable to be of assistance direct the person to staff who can be of assistance. Responsible to complete any other duties as required for the health and safety of the children and the successful operation of the center. APPLY TO: Send a letter of application, resume and any credentials to: Martin Prout, Superintendent North Huron Schools 21 Main Street Kinde, MI 48445 kosinskia@nhuron.org DEADLINE: All applications must be received by June 23, 2018 North Huron Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. North Huron Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, religion, height, weight or disability.
HDT - PARA-PROFESSIONAL JOB POSTING You are invited to apply for two (2) part-time para-professional positions at Laker Elementary. Both are part-time positions. Para-pros will be assigned targeted academic interventions as well as in-classroom assistance for our most at-risk students in grades K-5, particularly in math and reading, as well as cafeteria, recess and playground coverage. Qualifications: 1. Positive interpersonal skills 2. Meet paraprofessional qualifications of the State of Michigan. 3. Willingness to learn new academic and behavioral interventions. Interested applicants send resume' to kdickens@lakerschools.org by July 27, 5:00 p.m.
MDN - Early Learning Center in Midland MI seeking talented Pre-kindergarten teacher. Full-time. Competitive salary plus vacation/sick leave benefits. Must have at least an associates degree in education or related field. Please call Renee: 989-600-4941 or send resume to reneejohnso@ffelc.org
MDN - Part-time cashier at Glover's Pharmacy. Apply in person, 4000 Jefferson, Midland
MDN - LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGING, BUT REWARDING CAREER?? Midland apartment community is looking for a Confident, Energetic, Hardworking, Capable, Experienced, PROPERTY MANAGER to oversee a large and successful operation. Computer skills required, Management experience required. This position is Full-Time, with benefits. Please email resume to: HR@MI-Apartments.com E.O.E.
MDN - In-Home Healthcare worker needed, part-time, 16 hrs, every other weekend. Must have valid Drivers license & must be able to pass medication, do light housekeeping & cooking. Call 989-636-7551
MDN - Helping Hand Nursing Service, Inc is looking for compassionate and dynamic LPN's and HHA's to care for our clients in the area. Please contact 989-799-0434 to schedule an interview or stop by our office Monday-Friday 9a-5p located at 3995 Fashion Square Blvd, Suite 5, Saginaw to complete an application.
positions wanted
MDN - Licensed practical nurse/CNA Seeking home health care job, I will care for your loved ones in your home. Over 10 years experience. Basic life support certified. Call Heather at 989-890-5689
HDT - FOOD SERVICE Job Posting You are invited to apply for the position of Kitchen Worker. This person will work with current Head Cooks to expand and improve current food services and practices. Desired qualifications include: 1. High school diploma. 2. Experience in school food service setting. Application: If interested, please send letter or email to Cheryl Sturm by Friday, July 27, 2018. EPBP Laker Schools Cheryl Sturm 6136 Pigeon Road Pigeon MI 48755 csturm@lakerschools.org
HDT - FARM TO SCHOOL JOB POSTING You are invited to apply for the Farm to School Job Posting, in which you will work with fresh produce preparation as well as other basic kitchen responsibilities. 28.75 hours per week. Send interest and resume tokdickens@lakerschools.org by Friday, July 27, 5:00 p.m.
trades technical
MDN - EXPERIENCED GRAVEL TRAIN DRIVER WANTED Good pay, Local work in Midland & Isabella Counties. Retirement w/co match & ins. avail. Shull Transport Inc 989-233-3811
HDT - Ice Cream Social at the Port Austin History Center Saturday, July 21, 2pm-5pm
building supplies
MDN - Domestic & exotic lumber, plywood, & woodworking supplies. Stop In! 278 E. Saginaw Rd. Sanford Michael J. Rudy Builder Woodshop 989-687-6688
estate sales
HDT - Filion Estate Sale, 1307 Dobson Rd, 1 1/2 mi E of M53, July 20 & 21, 9am-4pm. Early 1990's sorting station (possibly for mail) 4 pc. Art Deco Waterfall bedroom set, 1960's dining room set, 3 steamer trunks, glassware & china, kitchenware, lg. assortment of fabric, misc. garage items, 1950 Allis Chalmers CA tractor. Sale by Aunt Netty's Nook, 989-550-8484
MDN - ESTATE/MOVING SALE 1503 Whitehall Street - Midland July 20, 9-3 and July 21, 9-2 (half price day) Dining tables, sofa, living room chairs, twin bed/ dresser, exercise bike, household, vintage items, tools CASH ONLY! See craigslist for photos
farm indutrial equipment
HDT - J.D 6620 Titon Combine 920 Flex Head 25" Header Cart J.D. 4 & 6 row corn heads $20,000 for all Call for more info (989) 673-6060
garage rummage sales
HDT - Annual Ginormous Multi-Family Sale 7/19-7/21, 9am-6pm. Baby to xx-lagre adult clothes, household, collectables, books, Full Garage! 4625 Elkton Rd, Cass City 6 1/2 miles north of Cass City, Don't Miss!
HDT - Bad Axe, 870 Cedar St. July 19-21, 8am-6pm. Little girls to adult clothing, entertainment center, safe, microwave, tools, rototiller, edger trimmer. Too much to Mention!!
MDN - 2936 E Ironwood Pass (N on Eastman, 1/2 mile past Monroe on L.) Previous sales were on Chapel Lane Circle but we moved! Women's designer clothes, household goods, dog crate, dog outdoor playpen, dog carry box, T-New T-Fal grill, lots of misc! ONE DAY ONLY, FRIDAY JUL 20, 8a-5p
MDN - 3305 Maywood Ct (Alpine Trailer Park) Thurs - Sat, 9am-5pm Household, mens clothes -L-4X, collectibles, miscellaneous Priced to Sell!
MDN - 1762 Hubert Rd July 19, 20, 21, 2018 8:00 am-5:30 pm Glassware, clothes-men's, women's & girls 3T-4T, fishing poles, flyrods, boat, fuel tanks, small rototiller, Harley Davidson parts, bicycles, table saw, miscellaneous tools, 5th wheel hitch, typewriter, lots of miscellaneous.
MDN - 911 W. Meadowbrook Multi-Family Sale! Friday & Saturday, 9a-4p Girls clothing (3mo-2T), women's clothing, men's clothing, toys, toddler playhouse and slide, furniture & miscellaneous
MDN - * * * * * * * TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH ANNUAL RUMMAGE SALE 3701 Jefferson at St. Andrews Tues, July 24, 9-6 (Cash only) Wed, July 25, 9-2, 1/2 price; 5-7, $3 bag, 2 bags, $5 Thurs, July 26, 9-noon (bag day)
househould goods furniture
MDN - Nice Corner Desk, Chair, with Upright & Lateral Files $260. See photo at ourmidland.com Call Richard 989-837-9777
miscellaneous articles
MDN - Free wooden wheelchair ramp. Small black electric fireplace $35. Large wooden shelf w/ entertainment center (6ft x 5ft), $40. 835-3750
pets supplies services
MDN - Free kittens: Active, playful, two males, litter trained, 12 weeks old, want loving home 989-695-9776.
MDN - Looking for Shih-Tzu female puppy (989) 687-4440
MDN - Sm.pet cage, Marchioro Goran 82, Beige. Hamsters or rats. Wire spacing:1/2"; elev. shelf detach wire top from base; latched door. 32.25"Lx20"Wx16.5"H. Great shape. $50.00 Pls leave msg: 989-600-4879
MDN - Shih Tzu male, 4 year old, $250, Shih Tzu, white, female 3 year old, $300, Both are non neutered, Up to date shots, housebroken. 989-501-4855
plants flowers trees
MDN - Persons very experienced in selling large trees in tricky situations for the wood. Call after 12 pm. 989-631-4313
want to buy trade
MDN - ** BUYING WWI, WWII ** AND VIETNAM German, Japanese & U.S. military items. Cash paid. Call Steve at (989) 430-6321
MDN - FREON R12 WANTED: CERTIFIED BUYER will PAY CA$H for R12 cylinders or cases of cans. (312) 291-9169; www.refrigerantfinders.com (MICH)
MDN - GUITAR WANTED! Local musician will pay up to $12,500 for pre-1975 Gibson, Fender, Martin and Gretsch guitars. Fender amplifiers also. Call toll free! 1-800-995-1217. (MICH)
MDN - House for Sale: (Price Reduced) 2090 sq ft, located in nice neighborhood. Freshly remodeled with original hardwood floor. New kitchen with granite counter tops. 5-6 bedrooms. Located on Sturgeon Creek Parkway, $219,900. Call 989-496-0304
waterfront property
HDT - Caseville Ranch House for sale on Pigeon River front leading to Lake Huron on a bridged island Built in 1982, 6466 Terrie Dr. 3 bdrm, walkout basement, fireplace, 1 1/2 bath, New Metal roof on Garage, House & Boat Hoist Appliances & Pool Table Stay Within walking distance of town! $122,900 For more Details call Sheila at 248-882-2881
HDT - FIND YOUR NEW HOME TODAY DIX APARTMENTS 350 Tenth St. Sebewaing, MI 48759 (989) 883-3090 TDD 7-1-1 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments $450 1-Bedroom $475 2-Bedroom Rent based on income Barrier Free Units Available Security Deposit Required “This institution is an equal opportunity provider� “Equal Housing Opportunity�
MDN - 2979 Hillside - $1000 989-631-7000
cottage resort rentals
HDT - Pleasant Beach Resort Mobile and RV Park Lakefront Cabins, RV Lots, and Mobile Home Sites All reasonably priced, Wixom Lake, near Gladwin. Beach and boat dockage. Details Call (586) 634-1865
MDN - Pleasant Beach Resort Mobile and RV Park Lakefront Cabins, RV Lots, and Mobile Home Sites All reasonably priced, Wixom Lake, near Gladwin. Beach and boat dockage. Details Call (586) 634-1865
MDN - 2 Bdrm: Great Location, Quiet Neighborhood, All Appliances, Basement, Garage, NO PETS $720/month 760-799-8856
MDN - DUPLEX FOR RENT 3 bedroom, bath and a half, basement, garage, air, dishwasher, microwave $850/month pets with deposit 3920 Gettysburg
HDT - Filion, 2 bdrm, 2 car garage, $550/mth Call: 248-345-9998
MDN - 3BR, 1 1/2 bath. Basement, attached garage, central air, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator. Non smokers. Lease, deposit required. $1095 to 1195. Call/text Bruce @ 430-4291
MDN - 3 BR, 1.5 Bath, Basement, Garage, W & D. Large, very clean. $900/mo. 3902 N. Saginaw Rd., Midland. Call 989-430-5758
MDN - Home for rent. 3 br, 1 bath, newly remodeled. Huge yard & garage. $900/month plus deposit. (989) 631-3050
MDN - House for rent: 3 BR, new carpet, fresh paint. Garage, basement, porch. Located near Community Center. $800/mo, plus last month's rent (no SD). Balance of July free. Call 989-600-6238.
hunting fishing rentals
MDN - GOT LAND? Our Hunters will Pay Top $$$ to hunt your land. Call for a FREE info packet & Quote. 1-866-309-1507 www.BaseCampLeasing.com (MICH)
manufactured homes lots
MDN - BEST MIDLAND VALUE! $465/mo. includes cable, sewer, water, trash! Pets ok. 989-832-0045
roommates wanted
MDN - Roommate wanted to share 3 br, 2 bath, 2 living room house. Country setting, no pets. $500/month plus utilities. (989) 631-3050
room rentals
MDN - Looking for someone to share house. Private BR, LR & Bath. Will consider 2 college students, elderly couple, singles. Must have references & deposit. 2 mins from central Midland Areas (downtown, mall, etc...) Call Jo 804-763-9676
townhouse condo
MDN - 3 BR, 3 Bath Excellent Location & Condition All appliances Furnished Finished Basement NO PETS $900/mo + Assoc Fee 760-799-8856
HDT - 1998 Lance Truck Camper, 10ft 9inches, Very clean call 810-334-9264 for more info
business services
HDT - MILLGARD PAINTING Interior / Exterior 989-553-4657
HDT - Bill Cragg Water Well Drilling. Wells/ pumps, res. Comm, ag. Geothermal heat / cool. Year round 989-673-8787
carpenters contractors
HDT - Byarski Construction Spray foam; New construction; Crawl space Rim joist; Basement weatherization; Free Est. 989-375-2487
MDN - Hardwood Flooring Refinishing, Staining & Installing. Over 18 yrs. Experienced, fully insured. Call Steve for Free Estimate: 989-488-3651
food catering event rentals
MDN - Let's Party at The Gully Golfing - Camping Banquet Hall Large Hall Seats 200 Small Hall Seats 65 All overlooking a beautiful Par Three Golf Course Call for Reservations! 989-689-3005
home improvements
MDN - Power Washing - Home and Deck Deck Staining Window Washing Chain Link & Wood Fence Install & Repair Gutter Repair & Clean Out TV's, Pictures, Art Blinds & Curtains Hung WE DO IT ALL. THERE IS NO JOB TOO SMALL Over 30 years of professional experience Call Joe: 989-600-8690
lawn garden care
HDT - OLD TIME TREE SERVICE Chris & Richelle Pawloski 989-315-1539 Free Estimates Trimming or Removal of Trees and Bushes on Farms & Residential Property
MDN - A CUT ABOVE! Lawn mowing, hand-washing vinyl, mulching. 10% Senior Discount. Call 989-205-0193
MDN - LAWN CLEAN-UP Debris removal, mowing, gutters, edging, mulch, fertilizing, etc... Insured. Kaufman (989)832-0670
miscellaneous rentals
HDT - P.H. Amvet Hall All occasion rentals. Check our rates! Call 989-428-4520, leave a message. Bingo Every Friday Night!
painting plastering
MDN - First Choice Painting PROFESSIONAL PAINTING Freshen up for Spring! Int/Ext Painting Staining Decks Power Washing 989-573-2955 or 989-708-7272
personal services
HDT - BLAIR ELECTRIC Motor & Power Tool Repair. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat. 8am-noon 1/8 mi W of M53 on Sebewaing Rd. Call 989-269-7909 or 989-553-7960
MDN - Roofing, Metal Roofs, Seamless Gutters, Windows & Siding Harding Builders, Inc. Since 1982 989-662-2600